All photography provided by Paul Lewis and Eric Stromquist

What would it mean for you to step back, take a pause and deal with some of the ‘turbulence’ that you encounter daily? 

We asked this very question of each other a number of years back. This set the stage for powerful dialogue, which we are now shaping for you, with you. 

We offer an interactive platform where we bring in special guests, interact with the questions, feedback and input via e-mail, or during our weekly Zen Brothers – The Art of Success podcasts. .


Our Mission

Inspired by community, for community, we’re offering you critical time. Critical time that will help you format and refine the way that you think, process and perform. Your input is presence, joining us, as we assess and reconstruct what we could be doing to powerfully impact our future by the modifications we make now. We take these assumptions and conclusions, put them into practice and experience the momentum rise up. 

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Take a chance and ask yourself:

  • What are some of the recurring themes and issues that arise for me?

  • If I could create an alternative approach, how would this impact my performance and productivity?

  • What are my drivers and motivators?

  • What do I want to experience moving forward?