Episode 10 Everyday Masters- Isadora Stowe

Zen And The Art Of Creativity

Isadora Stowe epitomizes the balance, flow, intensity and passion of creativity, Zen and success. An accomplished artist and art educator, Isadora brings ‘light’, depth and multiple dimensions to this inspiring podcast.

We explore with Isadora the meaningful facets of art as well as how our community can appreciate, and make ‘palatable’, art history.

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You’ll not only sense Isadora’s warmth and passion, you’ll appreciate how she prepares her creativity through meditation and mindfulness.

Press play, wait 20 seconds for the podcast to load and be transported to the life of Hien Minh Teahouse.

Join us as we experience Zen and the Art of Creativity.

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Isadora Stowe is a New Mexican based multi-media artist and art educator whose work focuses on the narrative of environment translated and coded into complex psychological landscapes. Stowe grew up in the southwest border region, living and working in New Mexico, Texas and Mexico. She credits these experiences for providing a heightened awareness of geographical and political boundaries; and a fascination with the exploration of identity of self in her work.

Stowe earned her BFA in Painting with a double major in Cultural Anthropology, minor in Native American Studies and a MFA in Painting and Drawing. She exhibits her work widely and is represented in many collections across the country and in Mexico. She has been the recipient of several grants, scholarships and awards for her work, including an Award for Excellence from the New Mexico Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.