Episode 17: Zen & The Art of Entrepreneurship


Confronted with challenges, what makes you get up and fight?

Marianna Brashear… accomplished, innovative, determined, attractive and a real go-getter. Be prepared that if you stand in her way… she’ll take your with her.

Born in Ukraine, Marianna’s family empowered her, and her 2 sisters, with a sense of accomplishment, moving from the broken political establishment… the U.S.S.R.

A gymnastics family of the highest order, her grandmother a national champion, her mother an accomplished gymnast, her father an entrepreneur, the family made their way to the USA, without the language, though with the insight to prosper and succeed.

Embracing the freedoms that the US offers, Marianna describes her passion as a ‘free citizen’; the dedicated home schooling of her children; her innovative professional career; and her belief and practice of setting the example for the next generation. She has an opinion about the schooling system that will fascinate you.

You can’t help but hear and feel Marianna’s passion, the close family bond, and her desire to powerfully impact others.

Join us, as we share Marianna’s journey, on this weeks episode: Zen & The Art of Entrepreneurship.

Zen Paul & Zen Eric

For more of Marianna’s professional pursuits, click below:


Home schooling group

Episode 16: Zen And The Art Of Easy Peasy


The Zen Brothers would like to welcome you to Zen And The Art of Easy Peasy with our ‘happiest’ guest: Thaddeaus Sims.

What a unique opportunity to meet and learn from our latest Everyday Master. Thad, as he is known to his friends, which now includes you… as everybody is drawn to his warm, engaging and authentic personality and disposition, shares his ability to connect with people.

What a unique ‘skill’ this is… the art of connection. In our day and age when we are fraught with social media and computer technology, there appears little time to truly connect. Thad takes the high road, sharing with us his journey to powerfully connect with others, and why this is a skill that’s so relevant in every facet of our lives.

As we named this podcast, The Art of Easy Peasy… you’ll understand how relevant, as well as easy it is to connect with others when you’re authentic and accept people for who they are… and where they are in the moment.

Be sure to check out Thad’s amazing Podcast KONNECT-000-7.

Welcome to Zen And The Art Of Easy Peasy,

Zen Paul & Zen Eric

Episode 15: Zen & The Art of Music and Leadership

What does music and leadership have in common?

Everyday Master - Vinh 2.jpeg

Curious, we travelled to the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam, to learn from the enigmatic maestro and conductor, Dong Quong Vinh.

From Hanoi to the highly revered Shanghai Conservatory of Music, to the National Stages of Vietnam and International performances, we experience the heart, mind and soul of Vietnam’s highly accomplished conductor and musician.

From Beethoven to Mozart, Brahms to Tchaikovsky… to the magnificent traditional music of Vietnam, Vinh blends the music of the best that East and West have to offer.

It’s not just music… it’s philosophy, leadership and humility that we experience in this meaningful and inspiring conversation.

Along with his pianist wife, Claire, Vinh create Suc Song Moi Bamboo Ensemble, sharing and delivering the essence of Vietnam’s traditional culture and music.

As a leader and inspiration, Vinh describes his objective of blending the experience of orchestra and audience. He captivates with his ‘movements’ and his command of the orchestra. Vinh is truly an Everyday Master… as you’ll witness and experience.

Episode 14: Zen And The Art Of Service

What makes service such a critical part of success?


This weeks Zen Brothers podcast answers this essential question for success, leadership and greater purpose.

Join us, Zen Eric and Zen Paul, as we ‘podcast’ on-sight with Holly Morrison Adler, Owner (and dynamic personality) of Chastain Park’s Frutta Bowl, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here’s what makes Holly and her team ‘stand-outs’:

  • It takes a motivated individual to inspire like-minded staff to reap the rewards of successful entrepreneurship and business.

  • It takes a special person to remember names and orders of customers who walk through the doors.

  • It’s a special service and establishment when there’s a 70% customer return rate.

Together, we delve into Holly’s dedication, motivation and drive to give this establishment a neighborhood feel, and a ten out of ten service-oriented business.

Join us this week as we venture to the heart of the service-mind and soul.

Zen Eric & Zen Paul… we’re the Zen Brothers

Episode 13: Zen & The Art Of Strategizing Success

Photo - Rick Houcek .jpeg

Personal and professional development means motivation and inspiration combined with powerful systems.

Success requires effort, blood, sweat tears and passion. Incorporate strategic planning systems and you have an enviable formula for most people.

Yet most people methodically get by, dealing with ‘limited’ hours in their days and little time to enjoy what they truly desire.

In steps Rick Houcek, strategic planning coach, self-motivation workshop leader, keynote speaker, CEO coach, and author. Rick lives his life with passion and zeal.

Fanatic about his 4 passions: his family; his personal health; helping others prosper in business; and, playing competitive baseball, Rick is an inspiration for anyone fortunate to come into contact with him.

Rick’s premise: success in life… success in business requires strategic planning systems… and the desire, intention and follow-through to ensure powerful results.

Join Zen Paul & Zen Eric as we share with our community… The Art Of Success, with ‘high-octane’ Everyday Master, Rick Houcek.

For more of Rick, you’ll find him here, as President of Soar With Eagles Enterprises

Episode 12: Zen & The Art Of Marriage

Who has a marriage that you truly covert?

Most marriages don’t work. Why?

A lack of understanding, commitment to each other as a couple, and respect/support for each others individual pursuits.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Meet Luke and Kristina Meeker, an extraordinary couple with an extraordinary marriage. For Luke and Christina… marriage is a ‘business’.

Kris & Luke Meeker.jpeg

Luke, a musician; Kristina, a business VP and psychic - curious, creative and passionate parents, pursuing what they love in life.

Together Luke and Kris have established powerful systems to pursue their passions individually, and as a couple. They reveal how they honor each others individual pursuits, as well as honoring the space that can be created together in marriage.

Children can add stress to the equation. Luke and Kris utilize their strong connection and talents to help balance their family dynamic. It’s not always perfect, though they are aware of their commitment. As in all areas of their life, Luke and Kris have created, and use 3 Pillars (values) to help sustain life-balance. Principles that simplify the actions they choose to take. They share these 3 Pillars and explain how they work.

Removing waste, is how Kris describes their strategy to live a more complete and meaningful life. Luke explains how they have turned their life into a business. Deep thought and effective communication is how Luke and Kris create synchronicity. As they explain, It’s an ongoing evolution centered around respect, honesty and transparency.

As life can be incredibly complex and busy, they strategize their days, focusing on the question: “Is this the easiest thing that we can be doing?” This get’s back to ‘removing waste’.

Join us as we discover some profound strategies to work-life balance and family dynamics, as Zen Eric and Zen Paul introduce you to Luke and Kris Meeker:

Episode 11: Zen and The Art of Resolution

Why do ‘Resolutions’ fail? Join us this week as we shed light on this perplexing question.

Zen and the Art of Resolution

Zen and the Art of Resolution

If we are motivated, driven and desire success… why is it that 80-90% of New Years Resolutions end up on the scrap heap?

Think of the last time that you set a Resolution. Gung ho and ready to jive with the challenge, you make great headway… until something, or someone, steps in your way. What happens then?

As we deal with this reality we share with our community a more comprehensive approach to success, that’s clear, easy and makes sense, when the variables that stand in our way are addressed.

January 2019 is here… and nearly gone, just like… our ‘committed’ New Years Resolutions.

Join Zen Paul and Zen Eric as we journey into the world of Resolutions and ‘false hopes’, opportunities and success. Come away with a shift in perspective and some meaningful insight, that will give you a fresh start to your personal and professional goals, as we ask ‘powerful questions’ that hopefully will help you define your success moving forward. Welcome to Zen and the Art of Resolution.

Press play, kick back and allow 10 seconds for the podcast to load:

Episode 10 Everyday Masters- Isadora Stowe

Zen And The Art Of Creativity

Isadora Stowe epitomizes the balance, flow, intensity and passion of creativity, Zen and success. An accomplished artist and art educator, Isadora brings ‘light’, depth and multiple dimensions to this inspiring podcast.

We explore with Isadora the meaningful facets of art as well as how our community can appreciate, and make ‘palatable’, art history.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 8.19.44 AM.jpeg

You’ll not only sense Isadora’s warmth and passion, you’ll appreciate how she prepares her creativity through meditation and mindfulness.

Press play, wait 20 seconds for the podcast to load and be transported to the life of Hien Minh Teahouse.

Join us as we experience Zen and the Art of Creativity.

Sharing community with community, for community.

Zen Eric and Zen Paul                

The Zen Brothers podcasts


Isadora Stowe is a New Mexican based multi-media artist and art educator whose work focuses on the narrative of environment translated and coded into complex psychological landscapes. Stowe grew up in the southwest border region, living and working in New Mexico, Texas and Mexico. She credits these experiences for providing a heightened awareness of geographical and political boundaries; and a fascination with the exploration of identity of self in her work.

Stowe earned her BFA in Painting with a double major in Cultural Anthropology, minor in Native American Studies and a MFA in Painting and Drawing. She exhibits her work widely and is represented in many collections across the country and in Mexico. She has been the recipient of several grants, scholarships and awards for her work, including an Award for Excellence from the New Mexico Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.


Episode 9: Everyday Masters - Hai Yen & Nguyen Viet Hung

The Art of Heart

Hai Yen and Nguyen Viet Hung epitomize the beauty of the Zen Heart and Zen Mind. We travel to the heart of the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, Vietnam, where modernization and expansion is rapidly changing this culturally rich, resilient society. Stepping out of this physical and cultural gentrification, we step into the heart and mind of Hien Minh Teahouse. This is where traditional heart meets Vietnamese culture, and this is where you will find Everyday Masters Yen and Hung.

Everyday Masters - Hung & Yen.jpg

The passion associated with their professional aspirations; the servitude that accompanies their art; their travels and journeys across the length of Vietnam to give/serve the Vietnamese their own tea heritage without seeking reciprocity; their search for and ‘communication’ with Vietnam’s ancient tea trees, will leave you ready to pack your bags and head off to the heart and mind of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Yen, self-taught in English (having learned from YouTube programs), inspires from her heart, as she shares Hung’s and her experiences with the Tao and art of Tea. Her inner beauty will captivate you as she shares the meaning and purpose behind their adventures.

Press play, wait 20 seconds for the podcast to load and be transported to the life of Hien Minh Teahouse.

Experience the Zen Heart & Mind here at their teahouse site: Hien Minh Teahouse

Sharing community with community, for community.

Zen Eric and Zen Paul                

The Zen Brothers podcasts

Episode 8: Everyday Masters - Quintavius Oliver (Q)

Zen and the Art of Seeing


Quintavius Oliver (Q) is the quintessential Everyday Master - professional photographer extraordinaire. Intelligent, wise, humble and driven, Q embraces life with passion and insight well beyond his youthful years. From the streets of a challenging neighborhood to captivating experiences throughout India and Cuba, Q will have you spellbound as he successfully turned adversity on its head, embracing life behind the lens, with a clarity that exists within very few. As Q’s 5th photographic book - Grady Baby: Welcome to Atlanta, will soon be available, he is moving from strength to strength, experience to experience.

In an interview with Q, we take you to a hookah bar in the heart of Little Five Points, Atlanta. Q’s story, life and experiences exemplify what it means to be an Everyday Master, as well as a devoted father. Press play, wait 20 seconds for the podcast to load and be transported to the life of Zen Brothers Everyday Master: Quintavius Oliver (Q).

Check out Q’s extraordinary images here at: www.QOliverPhoto.com

Sharing community with community, for community.

Zen Eric and Zen Paul                 The Zen Brothers podcasts